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Spend Your Bank Holiday Lounging around in Comfort

How will you spend your bank holiday weekend?

Every girl needs to party! But once the partying is over and you wake up with a bit of a stinging head, there will be nothing better than putting on your Lounge underwear and lounging around the house all day.

          Black bra | Black underwear | Loungewear Lounge underwear | Grey Bra | Grey underwear White underwear | White bra | Lounge underwear

Sometimes a hangover can make us ladies that little bit more sensitive. You wake up on the wrong side of the bed, asking yourself why you just had to do another tequila shot!? On a hangover, tea tastes better than any other day. Toast becomes your best friend. And although its always been your comfy favourite, your Lounge underwear will feel more comfortable than ever!

But which colour will you choose to help you...

Why choose black underwear?

The black bra is an absolute classic. We all need a favourite black bra to come to the rescue when you need it. The black underwear is great if you still have a little excess fake tan on and don't want to ruin your crisp white bra. It's a gorgeous slimming colour and will make you feel super sexy.

Why choose grey underwear?

The grey sets looks beautiful on. The loungewear trend brings with it the love of grey. Our grey underwear sets are the perfect way to add a bit of colour into your underwear draw whilst still having the option to wear it under a white top, with its white straps and light colour tone.

Why choose white underwear?

The white look is extremely popular for girls with a killer tan. The white bra makes a really statement with the bold black binding. It gives your white underwear set the edge. We all need a white bra on hand, and trust me this will be the most comfortable one you've ever worn. One you can go out in, chill out in and sleep and wake up in.

@adrinafit chose the grey bra and briefs to suit her style...

Check out her video shoot lounging around in our grey underwear.


@andrinafit in the Grey Bra and Briefs set


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