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Things are hotting up | When to wear your Lounge Underwear

It’s time to treat your other half to a bit of Lounge underwear.

Trust us - they’ll love it!

Lounge underwear | White bra | White underwear

The perfect night in, with Lounge Underwear…

Sometimes we need to put our heels to bed for the weekend and have a cosy night in.

Whether you like to admit it or not, we all love to get lazy on a Friday or Saturday night every now and then. After a long week, getting cuddled up on the sofa with your favourite person for the night simply solves all your problems - and bonus… it doesn’t leave you with the bad head that a bottle of wine does.

Order a Dominoes, get yourself a good film, a tub of cookie dough, two spoons and a comfortable sofa. Night complete right!? …wrong.

The only thing you’re missing is your favourite pair of Lounge Underwear. There is just nothing made more perfect for a night lounging around with your fella. How often are we blessed with a matching pair of underwear that look amazing on and feel so comfortable to wear. You’ll love it, and trust the fact that your other half is going to love it too.

Some of our Lounge ladies have been showing you how it’s done in style - and their man simply cant keep his hands off.

Lounge underwear | Grey bra | Grey underwear  Lounge underwear | Grey Bra | Grey underwear

Lounge underwear | Grey bra | Greay underwear

Lounge u  Lounge underwear | White underwear | White bra

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