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Feel Good in your Underwear While Keeping Fit | Lounge underwear

The Mission of Getting Fit.

No one truly enjoys every second of working out - but how we feel after it's done is often so worth it - (and makes that extra large glass of wine a little more acceptable).

Lounge underwear | White underwear | White Bra | Loungewear

Admittedly, keeping fit is HARD. Like harder than hard!

All of us at some point in our lives feel the sudden pressure to pump it up and run away a few pounds, especially when something major comes up, & more often than not in these current summer months when our body asks to be a little more on show in the sunshine (when it decides to come out)...

Normally there is an event coming up in the diary, a holiday, a wedding day, a new date, there is always something that creeps up on us and makes us look in the mirror with a certain negative head on our shoulders and think a few things about ourselves... am I right!?

These days it's so easy to look at Instagram & all the other social streams we are constantly connected to and see a sea of beyond beautiful woman (often lounging around with their beautiful bodies in the sea) and wonder how oh how are they eating that lovely juicy burger in a shiny brioche bun while walking around in their bikini with the perkiest buns i've ever seen!? It's baffling!

There really is a wave of fitness freaks flooding our feeds, and it's so easy to enter a world of despair as to why you can't get that body even though you only nibble on a carrot a day and do more crunches a night than relaxing. We've all been there. But instead of freaking out, it's better to use these people as inspiration. And make sure you remember they work hard for what they've got, and often Instagram tells a lot of porky pies, only capturing the great and beautiful parts of peoples lives.

We're here to tell you - getting fit is not an overnight thing and it certainly isn't what Instagram sometimes tells us it is. Real woman work hard, exercise often, but equally enjoy a little treat here and there and keep living with a little jiggle which trust me, most men will more than welcome.

Lounge underwear | White Underwear | Loungewear | White Bra Lounge underwear | White underwear | White Bra | Loungewear

Next time you look in the mirror and wish you looked a little different, don't dive into upset and sit on the sofa moping whilst scrolling through Instragram!

Grab your bottle of water, put on your comfortable underwear (and the rest of your fitness gear) and get running, pumping and squatting. You'll feel great once it's done and it will totally be worth it. Keep it up, keep working and before you know it that reflection will show a cheeky grin while you check yourself out. And don't forget, it's so important to feel comfortable while you train, and there is nothing better than a Lounge Underwear Brief to get you through.

Lounge underwear | White underwear | White Bra | Loungewear

Model: @mrndapnda

Photographer: @flaco_creative


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