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Girls love Pink - Especially Pink Underwear | Lounge underwear

Girls are literally hardwired to love pink. It's in our blood, our bones, our genes... everything.

It's a girl thing.

Marshmallows are pink. Pretty flowers are pink. We like to paint our lips, our nails and our eyes shadows in shades of pink.

And now, Lounge underwear is made in pink.

Lounge underwear | pink underwear | pink bra | pink bralet

Just because underwear is worn underneath our clothes, that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the basic underwear. Especially when sometimes we like to be naughty and let our underwear peak out under a sheer blouse.

Do you remember when in 10 Things I Hate About You, Larisa sees her sister’s black underwear and tells Joseph that it means she wants to have sex... because that’s the only reason someone would be wearing black underwear.

Underwear means things!

Lounge underwear | Loungewear | Pink Bra | Pink Underwear Lounge underwear | Loungewear | Pink Bra | Pink Underwear Lounge underwear | Loungewear | Pink Bra | Pink Underwear

So ladies and gents, when you take off a girl’s pants, know that the underwear she’s wearing indicates something about her. And pink says girly, fun, sweet and sassy. Everything that all things pink are. A pink bra can tell you a lot about a girls personality. She is romantic and gentle and in need of affection... she is feminine and sensuous...

But don't underestimate her - she may be sugary, but every girl has a dark side.

Lounge underwear | pink underwear | pink bralet | pink bra Lounge underwear | Pink Bra | Pink underwear | Pink bralet

Model: @ivana_vd 


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