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Lounge underwear | Getting to know Emma-Emelia Mouat

Getting to know Emma-Emelia Mouat


We've got a bit of a Lounge Crush on this girl! Admitted.

We've spent a little time with Swimwear and Fashion Blogger Emma-Emelia Mouat and opened up the doors to give you an insight into her life as a blogger, her exercise regime and the secrets to how she keeps her hair so luscious and long.

We've been working with Emma for some time now, and it has to be said she is a real beauty. She's featured in pretty much all of the Lounge underwear styles currently in our range, and she shows them all off in style.

So here's your chance to get to see her shots again and get to know her a little better...

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Inside the life of Emma-Emelia Mouat

How did you get into the fashion blogging scene?
It's something I've always loved and truly had a passion for. Even when I was a little girl I always wanted my mum to take photos and videos in all my cute outfits.
Instagram has helped me massively to achieve this, there is so much inspiration on Instagram which motivates me and helps me grow as a blogger. In the blogging industry it's very important to be yourself, never copy anyone else, you can get ideas from other bloggers but always be you and work hard! This will help you succeed as a blogger!
Lounge underwear | Lace underwear | White bra | Comfortable underwear Lounge underwear | Lace underwear | White bra | Comfortable underwear
What/who inspires you and your style?
I get my main inspiration from many swimwear brands. Stacey Tonkes is my favourite swimwear blogger she inspires me a lot!
Tell us 3 things your followers might not know about you?
I'm a Scottish girl. (As I get a lot of followers asking were I'm from)
I love to travel, I'm planning to travel the world in a few years time.
I'm a fitness addict, I love keeping fit!
It’s that time of year we all go - “Ah, I need to shape up before Christmas choccies come out - what would you tell people to motivate them?
When your happy with your body it makes you feel good about yourself and this always motivates me to continue when your happy with yourself you live a much happier lifestyle.
What is your top workout exercise you’d tell everyone to get doing?
I do a lot of cardio workout in the gym, 5-6 times a week! But my top work out is doing squats to keep my booty looking toned and I like it looking bigger than the rest of my body!
Lounge underwear | Leggings | Comfortable underwear | Grey Bra Lounge underwear | Leggings | Comfortable underwear | Grey Bra Lounge underwear | Leggings | Comfortable underwear | Grey Bra
Your hair is beautiful! Do you have any secrets?
I have natural thick hair. So it's very hard work! I always use hair vitamins, the ones I'm using at the moment are called Hairtality! They are really good! Also I use a hair mask once a week to help with conditioning it!
If your girls had to describe you in one sentence, what would they say?
Bubbly, full of life, a bit ditsy, never a dull moment!
What’s your favourite thing to do on a Sunday?
On a Sunday I usually go to the gym, then go home and chill! Always in Lounge underwear! It's so comfortable and I always feel amazing in my sets. Also, I catch up on any promoting that I haven't had a chance to do during the week.
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Emma's Lounge review
I love the brand! It's totally amazing! The quality is perfect and fits to size! 
My favourite is the lace set! It's so girly and beautiful on. I also love the new limited edition leggings set! It's stunning!
What would you tell someone who hadn't bought a set yet?
Buy one! You won't regret it! ✨✨✨✨✨
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