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Lounge Underwear | The Launch of Lounge Scoop

Say Hello to Lounge Scoop

It's time to get an extra scoop of comfort with our new Lounge Underwear range.

Lounge underwear | Black Bra | Black Underwear

Last week we launched our Lounge Scoop range - the new design made to give you a little more coverage and support, still with that sexy style in mind.

We wanted to bring you a twist on the favourite Triangle Sets, still bringing the classic Lounge look, but with a little more fabric for those of us after a bit more support and comfort.

The Scoop features a new low scooped neckline, perfect for those with a small bust who need more of a boost around the cleavage, and also great for those with a bigger bust who feel they need a little more support from their underwear.

We have designed the Scoop range with our brand new Lounge banner, adding a little extra detail with an extra touch of class.

Lounge underwear | Black Bra | Black Thong | Black Underwear Lounge underwear | Black Underwear | Black Bra | Black ThongLounge underwear | White Bra | White UnderwearLounge underwear | White Underwear | White Bra | White Thong Lounge underwear | White Underwear | White Bra | White Thong

As with every Lounge design, we want you to feel natural and sexy in your underwear every day. We want every woman that buys and tries Lounge underwear to instantly feel the comfort it brings to day to day underwear, and make your reflection in the mirror bring confidence and make you feel great in what you wear. Lounge is all about making the final outfit start with the best elements, and the Scoop range is the perfect underwear to start your lounge wear.

Lounge Scoop is perfect for those times you just need to chill out, read a good book, walk the dog, watch a good film with friends… there are so many moments in life where comfortable underwear is key, and that is what Lounge is all about. We want to ensure those moments are filled with comfort and support against your skin and your shape.

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