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What to wear this Halloween | Fancy Dress Made Comfortable with Lounge Underwear

Classy & Sassy Fancy Dress is happening this Halloween with Lounge underwear!

Have you become a bit stuck on how to do Halloween this year!? Not sure where exactly to start...

Start with Lounge underwear, and feel like a sexy scary beast this Halloween.

It is too often that we race about the day before Halloween because we realise we forgot to pre-organise our life... Some things never change! And what's worse - when you get home and try on whatever disaster you found, you look like what resembles a bag of dirty washing attempting to look sexy this Halloween! AND... even more annoyingly - you're so uncomfortable all night long, with itchy fabrics and bits sticking in and out in all the wrong places.

Well we say: No ladies, not this year!

Lounge has 3 Top Outfit Tips for this Halloween, that all start with the perfect Lounge underwear set!

Bring a bit of Comfort made Sexy to your Halloween style!

1. Be a Sexy Ghost in Lounge underwear's White Lace collection.

It's your chance to rock it in a little bit of Lounge Lace and make the perfect ghost.  Classic and instantly recognisable - it's definitely a goer for this Halloween.

First off - it's all about the white foundation and/or white face paint - go to town on your face and go Casper for one night only. Grab some black eye shadow and create some dark shadows around your eyes, and already everyone will know what you came as.

Lounge underwear | White Lace | Lace underwear | Lace Bra Lounge underwear | White Lace | White underwear

Then, it's up to you how much you go for it...

Option 1: Keep it simple - grab your favourite white dress and boom - your a ghost

Option 2: Feeling a bit riskier - search for a white sheet and fashion it around your Lounge Lace - do it right and just like that - Casper got all kinds of sexy!

2. Dark and mysterious Vampire-ess in Lounge Black.

Vampires are sexy - Edward Cullen made them that way. And once you team up your Vampire look with your favourite black set, you're definitely onto a winner.

Lounge underwear | Black Bra | Black underwear Lounge underwear | Black Underwear | Black Bra | Lace Bra

Team up the Lounge Triangle, Lounge Scoop or Lounge Lace bra in Black with a high waisted black pencil skirt and depending on how daring you're feeling, rock your Lounge underwear as a slinky bralet - or take a sheer blouse and tuck it in!

Then all you need is your Halloween makeup kit - dark red lips, a pale white face and if you can get your hands on some red contact lenses and some fake blood - you're going to make one convincing Vampire-ess queen! 

3. Go Skeletal and team Lounge's Underwear Triangle Grey Bra with some artistic flare.

This outfit is for you if you've got the confidence to go bare and show off a sultry, scary Halloween look. For this one you need our Lounge Grey Triangle set.

Take some black and white face paint and a longer mirror - Oh! - and your best arty-farty friend who's willing to spend a little time turning you into a skeleton.

Lounge underwear | Grey Bra | Grey underwear | Comfortable underwear Lounge underwear | Grey Bra | Grey underwear | Comfortable underwear

Take some high waisted white jeans or a pencil skirt and team it with your Grey Lounge Bra, and once you've painted on your bones and shadows, just like that - VOILA - you're a sexy skeleton that been lounging around in the graves a little too long!

3 Outfits inspired by Lounge - all you have to do is choose...

Pick your favourite and thank us later!

Use unique code HALLOWEEN today for 10% off! & if you're in the UK, we ship everything first class, so buy today, wear tomorrow and get the Lounge Halloween look this year!

Dont forget to tag your Halloween look at @loungeunderwear! 


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