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Why Choose to Lounge this Festive Season in Lounge underwear

Tis the season to... Lounge (Oh & be Jolly!!) 

Lounge underwear | White Underwear | Comfort Made Sexy

It's that time of year ... it's crisp and cold outside, there are lots of twinkly lights inside, and all you want to do is snuggle up on the sofa in something comfortable, with a hot cup of chocolate and a good film. And there's no mistaking it, Lounge is the perfect style to enjoy every moment in.

Whether you fancy chilling on the sofa in your Lounge leggings with a fluffy jumper and a box of chocolates, or wearing your favourite Lounge underwear under the quilts with a hot water bottle... whichever you choose, it's bound to feel like a Christmassy, comfortable heaven!

Our beautiful ambassador @nanamendes_ went for the latter of the two, and threw in some twinkly lights too, just to add a little more sparkle!

Model: @nanamendes_

Shot by: @carlapires

Shop in time for Christmas...

If you're living in the UK, you've still got time to buy yourself or a loved one their favourite Lounge style before the big man slinks down the chimney! Shop with Next Day Delivery until Friday 23rd December!

If you're outside the UK, we're so sorry but Santa's elves cant quite get them to you quick enough. But just think about it now... what a great present to treat yourself to, to arrive in the New Year when all the Christmas gifting is over.


Lounge underwear | White Underwear | Comfort Made Sexy Lounge underwear | White Underwear | Comfort Made Sexy

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